What Is The Best Time To Take Photos?


The Best Time For Photos

I’m a natural light specialist because I believe that natural light, from the sun and its reflections, create photographs that feel fresh, timeless, and truest to you. I specialize in light and airy images that bring joy in the memories captured. To get those light and airy images it comes down to location and time of day. Many ask, what is the best time to take photos?  That answer may vary depending on location and the goal of our session, but the majority of the time, session times will revolve around the sunrise or sunset, as that will provide the best lighting for those beautiful, timeless images. 

What Is The Best Time To Take Photos? Brentwood TN Photographer shares when it is best to take photos

 What Is The Best Time To Take Photos?  

Sessions typically last about an hour, and when I can, I love to begin sessions within two hours of sunrise or sunset. The lighting from the sun during that time period around sunrise and sunset will give you a natural glow, beautiful skin tones, and an overall light and airy look. Shooting during this time, when the sun is lower in the sky, avoids harsh shadows and bright sun patches.  

I schedule sessions during what I believe will be the best light of the day, which means that it’s super important to be on time. If you’re late to an evening session, we could run out of light before I’ve finished shooting. Remember, the sun sets much earlier in the winter months and later in the summer months. Make sure this is factored in when deciding if you need to take time off work or arrange plans around your session. 

To get the most out of our time together, please plan a buffer in your schedule for you to arrive a few minutes early, and ensure that we start on time. We’ll want to take advantage of every second we have together before the sun goes down! 

Wait, I have Young kids!

If your kids schedule doesn’t align with sunrise or sunset during the time of year of your session, no worries! I completely understand! While sunrise and sunset is the best time of day to take photos, I understand that during certain seasons of life, it just isn’t practical or possible. As a mom of littles, I know all about schedules and how one little thing can throw everything off. 

Brentwood outdoor newborn and family Session as family of 5 lays in grass

In-Home Lifestyle Sessions

If this is the case, consider inquiring about a lifestyle in-home session! These are typically shot between 9am-12pm in the comfort of your own home. The best part of in-home lifestyle sessions, besides not needing to leave your house, is that we can still achieve that light and airy look in the home! As always, we use all natural light for the photos as it will give you the best images. 

parents hold newborn son as their daughter admires her little brother

The time of day of your outdoor session really does matter and sets the stage for your photos.  The rising and setting of the sun is the key factor in your photos.  Make sure to check your local forecast for accurate sunrise and sunset times and plan around those for the best timeframe to capture your photos!

mom and dad walk with their two daughters during Brentwood Tennessee Family Session

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