Top Six Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Murfreesboro

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The Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants to Eat At After Your Photo Session 

Today I am going to share my top six kid-friendly restaurants in Murfreesboro, TN to eat at after your Photo Session for all of my Murfreesboro Mamas!  This is actually where I grew up, so every restaurant on this list is tried-and-true. We still visit these restaurants regularly and I have no doubt you will love them too!

Now that your session is over and it went great, or even if it didn’t, this is the perfect time to reset from photoshoot mode and enjoy some family time. I love to treat it like a family date night or just a celebratory, fun meal!

 I also want to point out that on the off-chance you didn’t get Chick-fil-A before your session Chick-fil-A will always be excellent place to eat at. However, it isn’t a restaurant I included on this list because I think it is just a given that it is an amazing option for a delicious and kid friendly restaurant! Now that I got that out of the way, here is my list of the top six kid-friendly restaurants to eat at after your photo session in Murfreesboro Tennessee! 

Outdoor Family Photography by Tennessee film photographer Grace Paul.

Top Six Kid-Friendly Restaurants

1. Blue Coast Burrito 

The first restaurant on my list that I recommend is Blue Coast Burrito. There are a couple different locations in town, which makes it a convenient option no matter where we end up shooting. They are set up much like Chipotle, but I feel like they have a little bit more of a West Coast Vibe.  I absolutely love this place. I still eat there frequently with my own mom! We like to go on mother-daughter Blue Coast dates.

A fun tip: if you go to the location off of Memorial, there is a really fun Volkswagen Beetle all decked out inside, Coastal style! Blue Coast Burritos has kids tables, perfect portions, and more importantly,  free chips + salsa!  You can’t go wrong there!  Also, get the fruit tea! I promise, you won’t regret it!  Oftentimes the kids and I will share a burrito bowl, but they also have great kid meal options if you’re looking for something for everyone individually.

2. Pucketts

The second restaurant on my favorite list is Pucketts. This is more of a Southern staple. It has all the traditional good stuff: barbecue, Johnny cakes, gravy, fried pickles, sweet tea.  If you love the classic southern dishes, this is definitely where you want to go!  On weekend nights, they have live music, which is always fun for the whole family. However, it is busier so keep that in mind! If it’s too packed, it can get a bit noisy. Anytime I see that and start to worry about my kiddos crying, I realize it’s not a big deal since it’s already loud in there!  Another great perk to eating at Pucketts is the fabulous ice cream place right next door! You can go enjoy dinner in a relaxed environment and then have a treat afterwards! Overall, it is a really wonderful family-friendly atmosphere with some unique Southern Nashville decor. 


Ice cream Cone to end a meal after a photo session

3. Jason’s Deli

Number three on my list of the top six kid-friendly restaurants to eat at after your session is Jason’s Deli. What I love about Jason’s Deli is that they have lighter options, while still providing the hearty meals that my husband prefers.  He will usually order his mac daddy meal and add on the salad bar too so he can eat as much as he wants, and then I usually order something lighter. The kids menu has wonderful options as well. We often get pasta or sandwiches to split between the kids. Then, of course, there’s free ice cream! So we ALWAYS finish up our meal with a vanilla-chocolate swirl cone. It’s the perfect ending to a great meal. 

4. CoreLife

Speaking of light bites, the next kid-friendly restaurant on my list is a semi-new find for us called CoreLife. This restaurant is a go-to for clean eating. I have fallen in love with CoreLife.  Actually, as I’m writing this, I was pulling up their menu online and Tyler walked past me, and we both started drooling over it! Needless to say, I just sent him to go pick up dinner for us tonight from there! It is that good!!!  

Healthy On-The-Go Options

CoreLife’s menu is made up of different healthy bowl options. They have a green bowl, grain bowl, and a broth bowl. The green bowl is essentially a salad. The grain bowl speaks for itself.  And then there is the broth bowl, which uses bone broth.  I LOVE that they use bone broth. It is extremely nutrient rich.  Each of the bowls are tasty options and can be fully customized to your heart’s desire! 

The healthy menu options for the kids is one of the reasons I fell in love with CoreLife.  I was and still am tired of fast food being so easily accessible.  It is a struggle to find any healthy on-the-go options. I’m also not a fan of eating only out of convenience.  Now, CoreLife has been a game changer!  

It’s an incredible option for on-the-go, healthy meals.  The kids meal we typically order is called a Power Plate.  It comes with purple rice, cucumber slices, corn, mandarin oranges, and then salt and pepper chicken, already diced.  All that food is served up separately, which my toddler, who hates when food is touching, just loves!  It is phenomenal!

There have been many times that I’ve grabbed a couple Power Plates when we’re out running errands, or having a playdate.  Then, we just find a nice spot and have a little picnic lunch sharing the meal!   Overall, CoreLife is amazing with delicious, healthy, on-the-go meal options that are fully customizable for everyone in the family. They also are going to have your best options for gluten free meals or other food sensitivities and allergies. 

5. Just Love

Those are my top four restaurants for after your photo session, but what if you have a sunrise session and you want to do brunch somewhere. There are two restaurants that I could not go without mentioning! One is Just Love. This is a coffee shop and restaurant, that has numerous locations scattered around Murfreesboro, which is super convenient.  You can get your coffee to-go if you need it, but I highly suggest staying for a bit and sipping their coffee in a real mug, which I love for that true coffee shop feel. They have excellent coffee, amazing lattes, and other diverse options that you can’t get at a chain like Starbucks.

The food is wonderful and unique as everything is shaped like a waffle! Their signature dish is a womlette, which is an omelet shaped in a waffle press. My personal favorites are the chicken and waffles and the cinnamon roll waffles. It is delicious and super fun for the kids.  The location on Medical Center features garage doors that open up the dinning area. I love eating there and feeling the breeze roll through in the spring, summer, and fall. Also, this area in general is very kid friendly. Just Love is next to another park, so you could hang out there and make a day of it playing at the park and drinking delicious coffee!   

Coffee Shop-Best Restaurants to eat at after Photo Session

6. First Watch

The last breakfast/brunch restaurant I wanted to mention for after a sunrise photo session is First Watch. This was a new find for us. Growing up in Murfreesboro, I was a little skeptical as I’ve seen several restaurants come and go and just wasn’t sure what to think about First Watch. However, after having several friends recommended it, we had to go try it out! I am SO glad we did! It has become a family favorite.

They are the only place that I know of that serves breakfast cocktails! I know that might not be what you want to do with your family after your photo session, but it’s still a really fun place for a  brunch date with young kids! Our family loves day-dates instead of evening dates!  First Watch has a lot of other hearty and unique finds that Murfreesboro hasn’t typically had in the past. I love the Eggs Benedict as it is normally. However, my husband loves the Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon.  Either way, definitely go and check it out! Again it is very kid-friendly, but also fun for grown-ups! 

breakfast or brunch after photo session

These are my top six kid-friendly restaurants for lunch or brunch around Murfreesboro TN after your photo session. I’d love to hear which restaurant you picked and what you ordered! Also, if you have a restaurant to add to the list, please let me know! I’m always looking for good restaurant recommendations. Happy Eating! 

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