Preserve Your Photos with Heirloom Albums

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preserve your photos with heirloom albums

Preserving photos with Handcrafted Heirloom Albums

I am thrilled to share that starting this year, I will be offering handcrafted heirloom albums for each session! This new offering is a way to preserve your photos, and your memories, for the years to come. A handcrafted Heirloom Album is a way to tell your family’s unique story that you can pass on through the generations. It brings me such joy to be able to offer all my clients a way to beautifully display and preserve their photos with Heirloom Albums.

Why Now?

As my kids are growing and getting older, I am realizing the importance of having pictures in print. The photos they are most drawn to are the ones in print. Children like to be able to touch and feel each picture. As they do, it invites us to reminisce as a family and tell stories. These printed pictures are growing our family bond! My six year old recently told me a story, and said, “Want to know how I remember? It’s because I saw the picture.”  

The pictures we take are so much more than random snapshots! They are precious moments of our lives. Printing the images allows us to look and touch the image, transporting us back to that moment or season of life. The beautiful family photos you have weren’t meant to sit in an organized folder on your computer.

Unfortunately, hard drives crash or can get lost in a move, as many of my clients have experienced. I’ve had clients facing these, or similar scenarios, reach out to me asking if I had extra copies of their images. Technology can crash or change faster than we care to admit. With that unpredictability and constant change, memories can get lost, which is the last thing I want for anyone! Instead, Heirloom Albums allow you to have a collection of photos that weave together memories of the season you’re in and that tell your family’s story.

Why Preserve Photos with Heirloom Albums?

I chose Heirloom Albums because I wanted to offer something that I would want for my own family. These handcrafted albums are timeless treasures built to last for generations. I love the thought of my future grandkids curling up on the couch with their kids, with an album opened in their laps telling our family story, just as I am doing now with my own kids.  

You can choose from two options when ordering your album. For Option 1, clients can add on an a la carte album to their collection. With option 2, clients can choose a collection when booking a session that includes an album for a discounted price. I also have samples of the albums that I am happy to bring to your session upon request. 

I am excited to know that more families will be bonding over shared memories and stories through their own Heirloom Albums.

heirloom album sample covers

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