How to Care for Your Heirloom Album


Now that you have your beautiful Heirloom Album, I am going to share tips on how to care for your heirloom album.  By following these simple tips you will keep your album beautiful for all time.

Be sure to follow these simple rules on How to Care for Your Heirloom Album:

  • When storing your heirloom album, store it flat to protect the spine.
  • To avoid damage, don’t rest anything heavy on the book.
  • Avoid extreme heat and humidity as it will affect the book. It is best to store your album in a dry, moderately cool place.
  • Don’t get the pages wet. If an accident happens, dry the pages quickly and let the book dry completely before closing it.
  • If you get something on the pages, you can try to get it off with water or Goo-Gone, just let it dry before closing.
  • Take care of the album cover! The leather or linen covers can be cleaned with a damp, clean rag. If you have a leather cover that is scuffed, you should be able to rub it lightly with your fingers.

As a mom to young boys, I know the purpose of these timeless albums is for you and your little ones to enjoy looking through them often! Don’t be afraid for little fingers to touch the pages as they point out their favorite memories. These tips on how to care for your Heirloom Albums are to help your album last through everyday use. These albums are made and meant for everyday use and enjoyment. 

Each heirloom album includes a linen dust cover for storage. If you prefer something a little sturdier for storage, you can also upgrade to one of four protective boxes! We have a white protective craft box, a maple, walnut and linen storage box to choose from. I hope these tips help you in caring for your heirloom album and allow you to get the most joy out of your them!  

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