Murfreesboro Mom + Me Session | Murfreesboro TN Family Photographer

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Murfreesboro Mom + Me Session | Murfreesboro TN Family Photographer

Mommy + Me Sessions are near and dear to my heart.  I love capturing the unique bond between a mama and her babies.  When Mandy reached out to me for a Mom + Me session with her boys, I was thrilled. Part of the session was at home near Murfreesboro, TN.  While I love traveling to just about anywhere to capture families’ memories, at home sessions provide a cozy, intimate setting. It also really helps capture the authentic dynamic and personalities of each family member since they are typically more comfortable. 

Mandy and her boys were an absolute joy to capture during their Murfreesboro mom + me session.  The boys were adorable and incredibly sweet.  After a few candid indoor photos, we roamed outside to grab a few photos in the sunlight. Mandy looked beautiful in her feminine, flowy dress from ASOS.  We ended our session at the Soda Bar, nestled in the Fountains at Gateway, where the boys enjoyed a sweet treat for all their hard work. I loved watching the brothers interact as they shared their dessert. They were blissfully unaware of my presence, as they giggled and shared a family moment on a fun outing. 

These authentic moments are what I love capturing most. When your sweet little boy is playing with your hair or leaning in for some cuddles, those are the memories you’ll look back on and sigh in a dreamy way, as the photo takes you back. Every mom deserves to have beautiful images that hang around her house where she can stop, smile, and remember. 

Mom + Me Sessions

 Photos that will transport her back to a certain stage of life, maybe it’s the up all night, spit-up rag wearing days, when forgetting a change of clothes for you or your baby was really tempting fate; or the toddler to school-ager stage, where time slips faster than you could ever imagine.  One day your kiddo was teetering around the house asking for a juice cup, and then you blinked, and all of a sudden, he’s making his own pb&j (after thoroughly destroying the kitchen), or asking for your help with math homework, and you slowly start to realize that you are not smarter than a fifth grader.  

Mom + me sessions aren’t just for those with younger kids either. Each stage of motherhood, and childhood, should be documented and celebrated.  Your teenager might be less than enthused about taking photos titled mom + me, but when you look back at those photos, you’ll remember those angsty teenage years, where you weren’t sure you’d make it out alive; however, you standing there gazing at your portrait is proof you made it.  You might be on the other end of the spectrum, middle aged and with your now elderly mama.  Whatever stage of motherhood you are in, you deserve to have your story told. 


Mandy’s Dress: ASOS

Knit Overalls: Jamie Kay

White dress shirt: H&M

Film processed by: Photovision

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