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Family Photography

Brentwood, Tennessee is nestled amidst rolling hills and lush greenery. It provided the perfect backdrop for this magical family photo session at sunset. With the sky painted hues of gold and pink, casting a soft, ethereal glow over the mountain, it’s every photographer’s dream!

I first met the Bell family when mom, Mallory, and I did a film mentorship together in 2020. Since then, we have become dear friends and have had the privilege of photographing each other many times!

Check out the Bell family’s 2022 family photo session here.

What bonds us, though, is more than our passion for authentic, timeless family photography. It’s our mutual understanding that this life is bigger than we are. 

As mothers, homemakers, homeschoolers, and daughters of Christ, we know that our lives are not our own. They are being poured out as an offering to the benefit of those around us. 

Mallory is a beautiful reminder that all the hard work of motherhood is worth it. I see it in her children’s smiles. In the way they run to her, arms full of wildflowers and hearts full of love. 

Their joy is not an accident. It’s the fruit of a selfless mom who loves them unconditionally. 

As we wrapped up the session the boys giggled and embraced the moment’s magic. It became clear that joy is found in cherishing the small, imperfect moments that make up our lives. Let this serve as a gentle reminder to seek beauty in the world around us. To embrace our own unique journeys. And to cultivate grace for ourselves and others, always.

Boys clothes are from H & M and Mama’s dress is from Morning Lavender.

Grace Paul is a mama of 5, photographer, and educator. Film photography stole her heart and now she enjoys teaching others how to bring more beauty to their lives and balance to their lives. Interested in learning more? Check out her educational resources here.

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