Where to Find Vintage Art for Your Home

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Vintage art is all the rage, and I am here for it! I’ve always appreciated things of old, whether history, books, or art. But figuring out where to find vintage art and other gems can be challenging. 

So today, I’ll share my favorite places to find vintage art for your home and tips for making sure you get pieces you love.

What makes art vintage?

Vintage art refers to the time period in which it was created. What I love about it is the quality, texture, emotion, and style it portrays. Artists often used mediums like oil, tempera, watercolor and chalk. Using those keywords when searching for the perfect piece for your home will be helpful. 

Where to find vintage art

If you’re looking for already printed and framed pieces, then the best place to start is at your local thrift store. There is an almost constant rotation of vintage art. 

Next, try looking at Estate sales and on Facebook marketplace. Most estate sales will post previews of their inventory online so you can peruse the offerings before going. 

Visit estatesales.net or estatesales.org to look for sales in your area. 

Where to find digital vintage art 

Digital vintage artwork is my secret gem. It’s how I source most of the artwork in my home. Since, as a busy mom of 5, I only have small windows of time to go scavenging for paintings, digital artwork is the *perfect* solution. 

Pros to buying digital vintage artwork

  • Can shop from the comfort of your own home
  • Can preview what it will look like paired with other paintings using a program like Canva
  • Very cost-effective

Cons to buying digital vintage artwork

  • Have to print yourself
  • Can’t see what the final product will look like
  • Have to buy your own frame

My top 3 places to buy digital vintage art

Etsy is a GOLDMINE of digital artwork! These shops have their own sites but also are all found on Etsy.

  1. Northprints
  2. Heritage Prints
  3. Olive Oak Collective

Check out some recent pieces I’ve bought. 

Now that you’ve found your art don’t forget to grab a gorgeous frame for it! I like to look for unique ones at thrift stores and touch them up with this rub n’ buff for a true antique look.

collage of farmhouse vintage art pieces

Keywords to use when searching for vintage art online:

These keywords will help expedite your search so you can spend less time on the computer and more time admiring your beautiful new art! 

19th-century painting

Vintage watercolor

Vintage Nursery Prints

Motherhood Oil Painting

Vintage Farm Gallery Wall

I hope you enjoyed this and you’re inspired to create a little pocket of pretty in your home using vintage artwork. Stay tuned for next week, when I’ll share all about best practices for printing your digital art. And remember to join my email community and be the first to hear about all things motherhood, home, and simple living. 

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