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What do I wear to my photo session?

Colors, patterns, coordination, oh my!

style tips for moms by Grace Paul Photography.

The great dilemma.

After years of research (and trial and error with our own family sessions) I bring you good news! Here are 3 super simple and actionable tips you can use to make sure your next photo session is better than the Joneses. ( Did anyone else just cringe thinking about pluralizing Christmas cards this year?)

And I’m just kidding about the Joneses….kind of. How about you be the nice neighbor and share these tips with them? Then you all have fabulous photos and bada-boom, you’re besties.

Are you ready?

Tip #1 is….

1. Flatter Your Features

In my experience, everyone has something that they are self conscious about. For me it’s my nose. For some it’s their arms, or toes, or anything, you name it. 

If you don’t like the way your arms look, then try wearing a long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve instead of something skinny or strapless. If you are self conscious about your hips then try something high waisted. 

Heels elongate the legs, and who doesn’t want that!? Go closed-toe for maximum effect and bring a pair of flats for traveling between locations!


2. Say YES to the dress!

Speaking of flattering…. Let’s talk about dresses and skirts. They flatter every female body, especially on camera! Longer, full length, and flowy dresses and skirts add movement to your photos. This is especially beautiful when you choose fabrics like chiffon or tulle! 

You can choose shorter, cocktail length, dresses for things like engagement, anniversary, or senior sessions. If you plan on having kiddos there then I highly recommend something full-length. You don’t want to be trying to pick up your toddler in a short dress (speaking from experience here!) 

style tips for moms by Grace Paul Photography. 

3. You can never be TOO dressed up

This is your chance to rock something you may not otherwise have the occasion to wear. There really is no such thing as too dressed up for your photo session! If you don’t want to go out and buy a new piece that you may not wear again then try ordering from somewhere like Rent the Runway. What I love about them is that they send a backup size so no worrying about it not fitting on the day of the shoot! If you want to feel like a million bucks without spending it, then RTR is definitely for you.

You can use this link here to get $30 off your first order!

And if glam is your jam then you go girl and add a permanent piece to your collection! Either way, you can never be too dressed up!

Outdoor Maternity Session by Nashville Film Photographer Grace Paul Photography.

I encourage you to put as much effort into yourself as you do your kiddos. You’re a vital part of your family and of these photos. Whether it be painting your nails, getting your hair and makeup done, or simply getting yourself ready first, make sure that you don’t forget to take care of yourself, too. 

Bonus tip! Use this session as a way to kick off a date night or family night. Dinner and a movie anyone?

Last but absolutely not least, relax and be confident. You are a beautiful woman who is taking the time to make sure your life is well documented, and that’s huge! Your life is one that is to be celebrated! And these photos are your legacy. Enjoy them!


If these were helpful to you then hit me up on instagram! I’d love to connect!

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