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Nashville Lifestyle Newborn Family Session 

I feel so at ease around the Levin family. From the brief time around them at their Nashville Maternity Session and now for their In-home Nashville Lifestyle Newborn Session, I can attest to the excellent job they are doing at raising their children. They are incredibly kind and loving. I loved capturing the sweet and tender moments of this amazing family!

When I photographed this precious family, they had only a few more sleeps in their beautiful Nashville home. They were getting ready to move closer to family.  When they found out baby number two was on the way, they knew it was time to make a tough decision. Do they stay in Nashville, the city they have come to love? Or, seize the opportunity to buy a house a few states away, site unseen, 5 minutes from Lauren’s parents? 

After seeing the way their oldest daughter, Leah, responded to being around her grandparents the last time they visited, they had peace about the decision. It was time for the Levins to move back home. 

Crunch time came when moving day and Laurens due date were less than a month apart from each other. However, Jack came right on time, as babies tend to do. While the new family of 4 is spending their last couple days in Nashville before the big move, I am so honored to have taken their lifestyle newborn photos before they left. 

In-Home Nashville Lifestyle Newborn Session

Mom and dad sat in their matching wooden rockers that were in sync as they held their babies on the front porch. Baby Jack won’t remember these days, or the house his parents brought him home to, but as I watched him sleep sweetly in his mama’s arms, I knew that the love he felt there planted an unforgettable seed. 

And that seed will grow and bloom all the days of his life. It all started right there, on the front porch of their Nashville home. Where beginnings and endings are so tightly woven, that it’s hard to tell where one starts and one ends. 

While I captured their photos, it felt like an extra celebration. It was the mark of a new beginning and a sweet ending to two very prevalent seasons in their lives. I’m sad I won’t be seeing the Levins for a while. However, I know how very special it is to witness your kids’ relationships with their grandparents.  I wish them a smooth transition and all the joy in the world! Congratulations!

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