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Maternity Photography

Nashville Family + Maternity Portraits

I had the joy of photographing this beautiful Family at a lovely local park. Choosing the location for The Levin’s Nashville Family +  Maternity Portraits was easy, as Mama Lauren already knew this is where she wanted the session to take place. 

This gorgeous park is a favorite spot of the Levin family. They visit the park often to take family walks, and to enjoy nature and the delightful park landscape. The green grass was covered in white and yellow flowers creating a stunning backdrop.  Mama Lauren’s cream colored dress, and her daughter’s lilac dress were a perfect match! Dad complemented both outfits bringing in a slightly darker blue to the scene.

The light spring colors of their wardrobe looked dreamy amongst the field of flowers. I loved watching their little girl, Leah, explore the park! We took her lead, and followed her around, as she was captivated by the flowers, animals, and passing trucks. Leah oohed and ahhed at the ducks swimming in the pond. 

Springtime Maternity Portraits

With the lake reflecting in the background, I photographed the glowing Mama and her sweet baby belly!  The Levins will welcome their second baby in July! I can’t wait to photograph their newest bundle in our scheduled in-home newborn session! 

I know Leah will be the most amazing big sister to her new little brother!   This is such a special time for this family of three. I remember this season well. Holding on to the last few moments as a family of three, and yet anxiously awaiting the next chapter to unfold. Constantly teetering between cherishing every moment with your firstborn and yearning to hold your second born for the first time, all while praying there will be enough of you to go around. 

But fear not mamas!  Motherhood is a beautiful, wild, messy ride, but we can rest knowing there will always be enough love to go around!

It was a treat to photograph the Levin family during our Nashville family + maternity portrait session! I can’t wait to meet baby boy Levin next month!

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