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Brentwood Family Spring Mini Session

Today I am sharing my recent Brentwood Family Mini Session with the Clark Family! The Clark family was unbelievably sweet and fun! There were so many tender moments captured between Mom, Lindsey and her littles. I am so thankful Lindsey and I were able to align our schedules for this springtime Brentwood Mini Session. Dad often travels for work, and he was leaving town the next day after our session! I am so happy we caught him before he left and captured a few memories of him with his beautiful family! 

Brentwood, TN | Outdoor Spring Family Portraits 

Our outdoor location featured a worn dirt path that had a section of trees and other lush greenery that almost created an archway over the walking path, which acted as a wonderful frame for our family mini session!  The photo of mom and dad under the nature made archway is beautiful!  

This brother and sister duo were adorable. I loved watching the daughter show off her ballet skills! She also gave us a twirl to show off her light pink dress!  Both mom and daughter wore lovely, flowing spring dresses. 

I loved watching mom run after the kids as they played. After running around, they settled in the grass where I captured some beautiful moments of Lindsey loving on her littles. There was no prompting or posing. They just interacted as normal.  Their close bond and love for each other shines through in the photos.

I love that I was able to photograph so many amazing moments of the Clark Family in a short amount of time. Regardless of whether you schedule a full session or a mini session, there will always be plenty of memories captured and photos to choose from! This Brentwood Spring Mini Session was no exception! Enjoy a few of my favorites of the Clark Family! 

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