Hospital Bag Essentials | Part One


Do you ever get nostalgic about weird things? I do. This time it was my to-do list for the week that I ended up going into labor with my 5th baby boy. 

Maybe it’s because he was a month early and this marked a big change in our lives. Or maybe it was overly optimistic since most of the things never got done. Either way, I still have that little piece of paper sitting in my kitchen. 

It also holds the list of things to pack for our hospital stay. The very bag I didn’t pack until I was in active labor. From cutting tags to opening packages between two-minute apart contractions, the whole thing was a labor of love. No pun intended.

After doing this whole hospital-stay thing five times, I have figured out what hospital bag essentials are and what’s best to leave at home. The last thing you want when cuddling up with your sweet newborn is to be overwhelmed by too much clutter in your hospital room. 

I wanted to break down why I choose the things I did. So to spare you an insanely long read we’re starting with favorites for mom! Enjoy part one of my tried and true hospital bag essentials. 

What to pack | For Mom

Overnight Bag

First up was a high-quality bag. After too many late hours researching this, I landed on Birdling Bags. It had to be multi-functional. And I can already say it has held up as a camera bag, soccer bag, and picnic bag. Plus it’s on sale right now! Check it out here. 


I have literally lived in this gown since babe was born. My only regret is that I didn’t get two! I wanted something comfortable to labor in that would transition well to postpartum life. Incredibly soft fabric, plenty of stretch, just the right length, and made for no-button/no-zip nursing? Yes, please. 

The price tag is a little higher than I’d normally spend but it is hands down worth the investment.

Nursing Bra

I like this one with more support for daytime and this one that’s soft and stretchy for nighttime.


Whether it be a chilly hospital room or just an extra layer of modesty for when visitors come and you don’t want to put on the aforementioned bra, this robe is a must-have for your hospital bag.


I took a pair of shorts and a tank as a backup for the gown. This gorgeous floral pair is on sale for under $10 and I also have it in classic black. Pair it with this tank ( 50% off with the code NEED ) and you’ve got long-lasting super comfy jammies for under $20! 


These American Eagle leggings are my fav! They’re supportive without being overly tight and on sale right now for under $20 a pair! Get two and thank me later. These are perfectly paired with the Francis and Henry nursing tee for a going home outfit. 

Comfy Socks

This neutral no-show 3-pack allows for a fresh pair on for the duration of your stay. They also aren’t so heavy that you get hot. I wore them before, during, and after labor comfortably.


I know, I know. It’s crocs. But they are neutral. And easy to slide in and out of. And bonus, you can wear them in the shower at the hospital. It’s like one-stop shopping for your feet. 

Comfort Items

There are a few miscellaneous items that make it feel more like home. I’ve taken everything from my favorite tea bags, to diffusers, to magazines and books. This is a personal preference but don’t forget to think about a few small special items and add them in there. 

Camera Gear

I took my Nikon F6 and plenty of HP5 and Portra 400 film. Since babe was in the NICU I didn’t get to use it as I wanted but a camera is a must-have for your bag. Doesn’t have to be fancy. Use whatever you have to capture those first newborn moments.

I won’t go into immense detail about toiletry bag items. But if you can manage to shave your legs before you go (I know, easier said than done) then you can skip a razor which is one less thing to pack. Think minimal here. Everything you pack will have to be unpacked. 

What to leave out

  • Baby shampoo and lotion 
    Vernix is great and you can read more about delayed bathing here.
  • Underwear
    The mesh ones from the hospital are great. They are disposable should you have heavy postpartum bleeding. And I love how easy they are to get in and out of when using the bathroom. 
  • Personal care items 
    Pads, nursing pads, nipple cream, diapers, wipes, etc. are provided by the hospital. They take up valuable space in your hospital bag. Better to save them for home. 
  • Sound Machine
    Download the rain rain app instead and get better sleep by drowning out excess hallway noise. 
  • Snacks and water bottles
    Unless there is a very specific snack you know for certain you’ll want, leave food and drink items out. Chances are the hospital has something or someone will be happy to run out and get it for you.

And that’s it for part number one of my Hospital Bag Essentials! Have any questions or just enjoyed the post? Message me on IG!

Stay tuned for part two next week- hospital bag essentials for baby! 

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