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Life as a Franklin Photographer can be pretty sweet. Franklin, Tennessee is known for its southern hospitality, historic charm, and scenic beauty. For this photo session, we chose a location that embodied the essence of Franklin’s unique character, ensuring that the Gimino family’s photos would be a reflection of their love story set against this charming backdrop.

One thing I always like to look for when choosing locations for family photos is that it is a comfortable and safe place for toddlers to explore. And this place did not disappoint! Colette’s sparkling eyes and infectious laughter stole the show. Her boundless curiosity and energy added an element of spontaneity and delight to the session. From playing peek-a-boo with mom and dad to exploring the beautiful Franklin surroundings, Collette’s natural exuberance shone through in every shot.

My Approach as a Family Photographer

My family photography approach is all about capturing candid moments that reveal genuine emotions. I’m a child-led and play-based kind of gal. After all, life with little ones is full of joy, and your photos should reflect that!

I couldn’t be more grateful to the Giminos for welcoming me into their family and allowing me to capture their photos again! If you’re looking for a Franklin photographer, inquire about session details and availability here.

Outdoor Family photos taken on film by Nashville photographer, Grace Paul.

Outdoor family session in Franklin TN.

Outdoor Family Photo session with toddler in Franklin, TN.

Fujifilm Pro400h shot on Contax 645 and scanned by Photovision Prints. Toddler dress: Noralee

Grace Paul is a homemaker, mother, photographer, and educator in Franklin, TN. She believes everyone has the power to live a beautiful life and wants to encourage and equip you to live out your calling at work and home. Head here to inquire about educational opportunities and photo sessions or email her at

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