Ellington Agricultural Center Mom + Me Maternity Session in Nashville TN | Laura + Noah

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Ellington Agricultural Center Maternity Session in Nashville TN

Laura and Noah’s Mom + Me Maternity session gave me all the feels.  Mom + Me Sessions are some of my favorite sessions to photograph.  It fills my heart with joy knowing how much mamas will treasure these captured memories with their babies.  Then you add in a Maternity session… well, it doesn’t get much better than that. For this extra special Mom + Me Maternity Session we headed to Ellington Agricultural Center here in Nashville, TN.  It was a perfect spring day with sunshine and the always impressive Cherry Blossoms blooming in the background. 

You can’t ask for better scenery than this! For this extra sweet session, we captured the small, but tender moments between Laura, and her adorable son, Noah.  It was a treat to watch him run around in the open field, having fun and then run at his momma with open arms. And the way Noah hugged his mama’s belly, you can already tell he will be the most loving and protective big brother!  

Springtime Maternity Portraits

Seeing the images of Laura and Noah cuddled up on a blanket beneath the cherry blossoms is the perfect snapshot of what life is all about.  My heart melted in a puddle watching Noah lay his head gently on Laura’s belly and cozy up.  He almost looked like he was going to take a nap at one point! I am so glad I was there with my camera to capture it. 

Of course we made sure to grab some of just Laura and her beautiful baby belly. Laura was glowing, radiating with happiness. Her feminine, flshe wowy dress courtesy of Pinkblush, looked amazing and went so well with her cute and stylish hat!  Capturing Laura and Naoh for their Mom + Me Maternity Session at the beautiful Ellington Ag Center in Nashville was a pure delight. Enjoy a few of my favorite moments from their session!  


Laura’s Hat: Gigi Pip 

Laura’s Dress: Pinkblush 

Film processed: Photovision



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