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Brentwood Family Session in Nashville TN

I was thrilled when Rebecca reached out to me to capture her family photos. I had the honor of photographing her maternity photos when her and Daniel babymooned in Nashville. It was a joy to see this family and how much everyone has grown, especially now that they LIVE in Nashville now!  We headed to Brentwood for this family session to a location tucked away with beautiful fields and views of the mountains in the back. It was the perfect way to welcome them to Nashville. 

While the view was gorgeous, the weather could have been a little better. I felt so bad the day of our family session as it was freezing. Thankfully the sun was still shining and the Rices were such troopers, especially the kids. They didn’t let the cold bother them too much and still gave adorable big smiles. Even if we truthfully had to bribe them for those smiles, it was worth it! Even photographer’s kids can be less than cooperative during photo sessions (which is more than okay!). Rebecca and Daniel planned ahead, so we had a blanket to wrap them up in and a few snacks that they could enjoy. A few marshmallows later, and we had some smiles from those two! 

Capturing real life…

I love watching and capturing children loving on their parents. It’s heartwarming to see the big hugs and hear the little giggles as children look to their parents for comfort. Seeing kids relax in their parents arms is something I will never grow tired of seeing. But my favorites in sessions will always be the true, real moments. The real life love, where a mother hugs her babies close and you visibly see the love she has for them, and they for her. Or when dad is hugging or ticking his kids and you hear them belly laugh. Those are the moments I will always seek to capture. 

Rebecca, Daniel, and their two beautiful kids were an absolute joy to capture. I loved watching them interact.  While I have many favorite images from this Brentwood Family Session, I love the one of them sitting in their dirt road together with the mountains in the creating a perfect backdrop, and then the one of Rebecca + Daniel holding hands, each holding a kid in the other arm walking together. That is what marriage and family is all about. Holding onto each other and walking through life together.   

Enjoy a few of my other favorites from this Brentwood Family Session with the Rices! 

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