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We all know the importance of documenting your baby, especially during that first year of life where they seem to change almost daily! Today, I am excited to share with you 5 tips for taking photos of your baby at home! I want every mama out there to have memories of their baby and all those first-year milestones and beyond! 

Tip 01. Turn Off All Interior Lights

This means any overhead lights, lamps, or anything that isn’t a natural source of light! We only want to use natural light from the windows.  For the best most even coverage, I suggest staying within 2-3 feet from the window light! 

newborn at home session 5 Tips for Taking Photos of Your Baby at home

Tip 02. Photograph on Light Colored Surfaces 

Tip number two is important for those light and airy images! Photographing on light colored surfaces will instantly brighten your photos!  You could use a white sheet or comforter as your surface, or even a light colored baby blanket works wonderfully for this! In the photo below, you can see how the white blanket helps create a light and airy image along with the use of natural light!

5 Tips for Taking Photos of Your Baby at home

Tip 03.  Place Your Baby’s Head Towards the Window

Placing your baby’s head towards the window is critical in achieving flattering images.  I’m sure you all can picture what your face looks like when you shine a flashlight underneath your chin, right?  That look is exactly what you want to avoid!  You can avoid it by ensuring the light from your window is coming from the top or side of your baby’s head! In this photo below, you will see that the baby is positioned with his head towards the window creating a beautiful, flattering image of this little guy and his dad. 

dad holding baby with head towards window-5 Tips for Taking Photos of Your Baby at home

Tip 04. Take Pictures in the Same Spot or with the Same Blanket

Number 4 on my list of 5 Tips for Taking Photos of Your Baby at Home is to be consistent in every photo and use the same spot or blanket in all the images!  You will thank me when you go to print photos of your precious little one and you have beautiful, cohesive images, without any distracting backgrounds stealing the focus from your baby!  Using the same spot or blanket in every photo allows you to focus solely on your baby in each printed image. 

5 Tips for Taking Photos of Your Baby at home

Tip 05. Capture the Details

Last but not least on my list of 5 Tips for Taking Photos of Your Baby at Home is to capture the details!  While your little one is in position, zoom in and take pictures of their tiny toes, fingers, ears, and of course, that little button nose.  I promise, you will be so happy to have these detailed shots in the years to come, as you forget just how tiny they really were. 

newborn baby toes

Don’t Forget to Print! 

Now that you’ve captured your baby’s photos, you want to make sure that you print them out to enjoy! I love photo books that you can print and have a collection of photos from the year. For quick and budget- friendly albums, I recommend Chatbooks! Their site allows you to create books quickly from your beautiful images, at an affordable price. You can also print a lot of them, which is a wonderful option for throughout the year. 

However, if you want your photo album to be a little bit more high quality with additional options, like thicker pages or linen covers, or if you want your album to be more of an heirloom or keepsake, then I recommend Artifact Uprising. I absolutely love them! Their albums are amazing quality, but they will come in at a higher price point! To help with that, I have included a code to get $20 off your first purchase from Artifact Uprising here!

baby on changing table during in home session

For more in-home tips, check out my blog on how to capture the best light for in-home sessions

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