Planning for a No-Spend Month


After casting a vision for our home, we decided to take on a no-spend month, and I was shocked by the effect it had on us that had nothing to do with money!

For starters- increased mental clarity, better sleep habits, and a more consistent routine are just a few of the benefits.

If you could use a break from the consumer cycle we are put through everyday, then a no-spend challenge may be for you! Here are 3 steps to planning your own no-spend month. 

no-spend month

3 Tips for Planning a No-Spend Month

  1. Set a budget

This is going to be your best friend during no-spend month. Write out every necessary expense. Of course, you’ll have to spend money on certain things, i.e.-paying the mortgage and insurance. But after you’ve written out all the necessities, draw a line and see how much extra you have.

Knowing how to stop spending is easier if you know where your money usually goes. We love using the every dollar app. 

2. Plan for food

There are two ways to handle food during a no-spend month. Since you’ve already done a budget, you can either factor in the hard line of what you need to spend on food this month. Or you can get radical (read: fun) and choose not to spend *anything* by using up what you have in your freezer, pantry, and fridge. 

One thing you don’t want to do is the day before your no-spend month, go out and spend a ton of money out of fear of not having enough. 

With seven people in my house, I knew I would need to go to the store. So during our weekly marriage meeting, my husband and I set a hardline budget for food and agreed to stick to it.

I made our meal plan based off of what we already had that I wanted to use up and then just filled in the gaps with weekly grocery runs. 

I’m a huge fan of Instacart to eliminate impulse buys and save loads of time grocery shopping.

Save $20 off your first order with Instacart here!

no-spend month budgeting

3. Decide how you will spend your time

You are bound to have some free time on your hands since you wont be shopping, whether in person or on your phone. So decide how you’re going to spend it! A beautiful by-product of shifting your mind away from a consumeristic perspective is that you can now grow deeper in relationships and gratitude for the people right around you. Here are some fun ideas to do during your no spend month:

  • Plan a trip to the park
  • Have an in-home movie night
  • Host a game night
  • Clean out your garage/attic/storage space
  • Declutter your closet
  • Deep clean your house
  • Sell something

The only thing better than not spending is making extra money while you’re doing it! 

At the end of the day look at it this way- it’s four weeks of your life. That’s pretty short in the grand scheme of things.

Remember, it’s not forever and enjoy the process! Take notes in a journal about how you feel and see if you’re not more content by the end of it. I know I was. And contentment is a beautiful thing. 

If you want to learn more practical tips from a down to earth mom of five, join the simple living community here!

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