My Favorite Minimal Stocking Stuffers for Kids


Minimal Stocking Stuffers Your Kids Will Love

Our journey to minimalism 3 years ago started intentionally but has evolved to be more like a life of simplicity. After all, it isn’t about less stuff per se. It’s about making the things you spend your hard earned money on and have surrounding you in your home really purposeful.

**Enter the Christmas Stocking**

We all have them. They are a blast for the kids but year after year I find that most of the trinkets that fit inside end up scattered about the house and inevitably in the trash. So this year I’m making an attempt to find really valuable, budget friendly and meaningful stocking stuffers that the kids will love.

I stuck to four main categories. It’s similar to the trendy “4 gift rule” where each child is given something they want, need, will wear and read. Except I don’t have any catchy rhymes for you, just some practical, fun stocking stuffers for kids.

Minimal Stocking Stuffers for Kids


Around the House

I have watched my children race down the hall only to face plant because of slippery socks countless times. Not anymore, thank you. This year they are all getting house shoes with rubber soles. Easy to wash, put on by themselves, and keep the tootsies warm throughout the winter.

Photos of stocking stuffers for kids by blogger Grace PaulWe also like to get everyone a new set of pajamas at Christmastime. For year round use I love Primary. (Take 20% off with my code here!) They are well made and fun to mix and match.

For Christmas jammies we always get the burts bees organic. I buy either the classic rugby stripe or one with a winter print.

Infant-Kid Brown Sherpa Slippers

Kids Wool Like No Slip House Shoes

Take 20% off Primary Pajamas

Burts Bees Rugby Stripe Pajamas

Burts Bees Winter Pajamas

Just for Me


We live in a 1700 sq. ft. house and have 6 people sharing a bathroom. Extra household items quickly add unwanted clutter. Last year I got each of my boys a Simple Modern water bottle. This is their only cup.

My olders kids use the straw and the younger one uses the sippy version. If you are looking for a great gift for infants then check out my favorite glass bottles here.

We have a Berkey water filter on the kitchen counter that they can refill with whenever they need to throughout the day. It is SUPER handy and a great way to foster independence with littles.

Note: These are very easy to clean ( a requirement for me ) and we only allow water in them. If they ever drink anything else we use 8oz mason jars that we keep in a low drawer so they can serve themselves.

Photos of stocking stuffers for kids by blogger Grace Paul
Our whole household uses quip electric toothbrushes. They deliver brush heads and batteries straight to your door automatically every 3 months. That’s one less thing this mama has to think about! Making quip a no brainer.

Right now they are on sale, have free shipping and come with toothpaste. Not to mention your first refill delivery is on me. Check out quip and grab your super deal here!

Not looking for electric? Try these adorable and affordable bamboo brushes instead.

Simple Modern Water Bottle

Quip Electric Toothbrush

Colorful Bamboo Toothbrushes



Play Time

These are great activities that you can do together as a family or separate for some individual quiet time.

My older 3 will get their own Water Wow and we will share the plant set. As a bonus activity each kiddo can decorate their pot to make it unique. This is another way to add a touch of joy to long dreary winter days.

For infants I’ve added a wooden rattle and a few toys that we have been loving lately!

Photos of stocking stuffers for kids by blogger Grace Paul
Melissa + Doug Water Wow

Green Toys Indoor Plant Set

Wooden Rattle

Munch Mitt

Neutral Stacking Cups

Manhattan Toy


Special Treat

I couldn’t leave out a special treat to eat. We are going minimal with one pack of our family favorite chocolate peanut butter cups and a peppermint stick. These come totally free of mom guilt, by the way.

Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Target carries these but they are cheaper per pack on amazon. Which is great for people like me who need them in bulk. 😉

Candy Canes

And no special peppermint stick sweetened by some zero calorie rare plant that grows only in the southern hemisphere. We’re doing a plain ole’ peppermint stick that you could probably even pick up at a gas station on the way to grandma’s house.


And that is all for our minimal stocking stuffers! Don’t forget to pin this for later. 

The best stocking stuffers for kids

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