How to Have a Stress Free Family Session

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Murfreesboro Park Photo session by Grace Paul Photography.My Top 3 Ways to Have a Stress Free Family Session

There is nothing more exciting than having family photos taken. I have served countless families and wanted to share with you a few of the most helpful things I’ve learned.


1. Set Expectations with your family



We’ve all heard it said “happy wife, happy life” , but have you ever been to a family session with a mad dad? No fun. (Speaking from experience, here!)

Set your whole family up for success by mentally preparing everyone before arriving. Tell Dad that he won’t have to be in front of the camera the whole time. Encourage and affirm him by telling him how thankful you are that he is doing this for you. Because really, he is doing it for you.

With smaller children you can do you best to have them napped and fed before going to your session. I’m not sure I have ever had all of my kids in pristine condition before leaving the house so have grace for yourself but do your best! Pack snacks and take a deep breath. You’re doing a lot to get this together! 


Have a conversation with your older children. Tell them how important these photos are to you and that they are a special part of the family. They’ll be more likely to cooperate if they feel included.  


2. Plan your wardrobe in advance



Plan to have everyone’s wardrobe picked out, hung up, and ready to wear a few days before your session. It eliminates the stress of pulling things out of the dryer, ironing, or realizing you are missing something on the day of. You can check out my pinterest board here for styling inspiration!

Bonus tip for littles: Plan two outfits. It can be as simple as a solid cotton dress or khakis and a button up for your littles ones. Kids are messy. Babies are messy. Tis the way of life for these tiny people. But you can keep calm knowing you have a backup packed and not feel a bit of anxiety if an accident happens between getting dressed and photo time. 


3. Plan a fun activity for after!

Think ice cream, movie and pizza, or family game night! If you’re shooting outside, bring a ball or frisbee and play after your session! There are endless ways to make this a fun experience for everyone. Go into your session with a mindset of  “I get to spend a few hours of uninterrupted quality time with my most loved people.” A rarity that most moms are longing for. The bonus is that you are going to get photos to remember it by! 

Above all, remember that you are a wonderful mom! Your photos will be beautiful because you are in them.

Grace Paul is a lifestyle family photographer in Nashville, Tennessee. She believes there is nothing more special than the love of a mother and has devoted her artwork to showcasing just that. Click here to inquire about a session for your family.

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