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The sweet and gentle nature of a newborn should always be captured and enjoyed. I love telling the stories of all the wonderful families I photograph.  The Cozine Family recently welcomed their first born baby, Oliver. I adore the name Oliver, but I am also a bit partial considering I have an Oliver at home too! It was a joy to witness and capture these sweet moments of this lovely family this past spring during their in-home Franklin Lifestyle Newborn Session. 

Franklin Lifestyle Newborn Session | Oliver 

Mama and Dad looked blissful as they admired their Oliver, who was just three weeks old during his Newborn session. Oliver slept soundly in his Mama’s arms swaddled in a hunter green blanket that had a matching hat as well! I love that his mom chose a beautiful white dress decorated with dark green leaves that  complemented Oliver’s blanket and his skin tone wonderfully. 

Dad jumped in and held Oliver for some photos as well, which are absolutely precious.  In all the images you can see the outpouring of love both mom and dad  have for their bundle of joy. 

In-home sessions are my favorite!  I love the comfort and ease I am able to provide my clients by capturing in home lifestyle sessions in their own home. I also love capturing the details of the nursery! Oliver’s nursery is  dreamy with a light space theme featured throughout the room.   

After capturing this sleepy babe in his nursery, we decided to step outside in the warm spring air to capture a few photos in the sun’s natural light. This Franklin Lifestyle Newborn Session was amazing from start to finish. Oliver is absolute perfection from the top of his head to his tiniest toes. Thank you for allowing me to capture your precious family.

Belly to Baby

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