Fall Photo Outfits for Infants and Toddlers


School is starting, fall scented candles are hitting the shelves, and clothing racks are getting filled up with all the earthy muted tones I love so much. Which means….it’s almost time for fall family photos!



Here are a few tips and some of my favorite finds for infant and toddler outfits this fall. 


1. Stick to 3 colors

When planning your family’s outfits choose one primary and two secondary colors to coordinate. Here is an example of a cream base with maroon and green as the secondaries.



2. Stay Away From Graphics

Graphics and words on clothes distract from the main subject, i.e.- your kiddos! Have fun with patterns, colors, and textures instead.


3. Avoid Bright Reds and Oranges

Think McDonalds or the color of, well, an orange. If you like this color family then choose something in maroon, mustard, or burnt orange instead. (The bright colors tend to cast unflattering colors onto the skin) Pair your muted reds or oranges with cream and navy for a winning color combo.


4. Small Details

The last thing to do is piece together the final touches for a finished look. Is it leather sandals or a bowtie for your son? A new headband or bonnet for your daughter? There are so many options to polish off your photos. 

Fall Family Photo Clothes Color Combo


Two Piece Cotton Set- Natural White

Cotton Overall Dress     Knit Overalls     Pattern Knit Cardigan

Knit Bonnet   Crinkle Dress     Neutral Ribbed Onesies

Two Piece Cotton t-shirt and overalls

Tw0 Pack Jersey Long Sleeve Tops      White Girls Sandals 

Jersey Bodysuits (5 pack)     Cotton Pants (5 pack)

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Fall family photo outfit color combos

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