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Helping photographers simplify and systemize their lives so they can feel confident both in business & at home.

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count me in!

count me in!

What if I told you that you don't have to do all the things in order to have a successful business?

What if you could walk into every session confident that you can make art that you and your clients will love?

Or finally figure out a realistic approach to marketing your business long term without spending hours a day on Instagram and away from your family?

Sound impossible? It's not, and I can show you how.

I understand.

Feeling stuck?

Years ago I convinced myself that I needed to build a business just like everyone else. I had to be a wedding photographer that offered albums, prints, have a wardrobe, extensive collections, guides, and so many things to be enough in this industry.

But it left me empty as a creative and my mental health in shambles. Not to mention my home life. I was running a business like everyone else told me to, not in a way that aligned with my personal life. 

Something had to change. 

Have you ever felt like you weren't enough

I'm ready for freedom

I started over, dug up the weeds of comparison and created goals and offerings that would enhance my home life, not take away from it.

After all, success isn't one size fits all. 

It's a choice we get to make but sometimes we just need a guiding hand. 

I'm here to help you find that same freedom. 

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Picture this like a bridge getting you to where you want to go, without battling the turbulent waves of trying to do it all alone. 
Everyone should have access to quality education that moves them in the direction of their dreams.

And that's why I created Rooted, a group of creatives devoted to building a sustainable business from a place of peace.

But aren't seeing traction?

You're doing #allthethings

Each piece of this retreat is designed like a puzzle to boost your confidence and help set you on a course in the direction of your dreams.

grow your confidence

If you want to

With an indoor and outdoor styled shoot get ready to feel refreshed creatively while learning how to pose authentically, hone in on your style, and curate and refine your art.

refine your art

If you want to

You'll learn how to run a no-fuss CODB and create packages, pricing, and offers that keep you profitable.

be profitable

If you want to

We'll look at your life and your dreams to work backwards and make them a reality.

live your dream life

If you want to

The Rooted Retreat


July 21 & 22, 2023
Nashville, tn

- courtney h.

Grace is an inspiration in work, business, and life! Wait till you meet her in person!


- Chelsea

Grace is truly remarkable at what she does.

REVIEW NO. 1 of 2

This simple, fail-proof system will help you get back to the heart of why you started this business in the first place. 

Set your creative heart on fire while making timeless art your clients love 

Bring the joy back into your life and business

Minimize the time you spend behind a screen while maximizing your profit

This retreat is designed for busy entrepreneurs + moms because I get it, your time is precious

happy clients,
confident you.


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  • We'll look at your season of life and create realistic goals
  • Cast a big picture vision for your life.
  • Learn how to shut out the noise of comparison 
  • Grow confident in the WHY behind your business choices

vision casting

retreat outline / 

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  • A done-for-you CODB and profitability audit before the retreat
  • Fine tune your offers to maximize profitability
  • Learn how to pay yourself consistently

run the numbers

retreat outline / 

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  • Website audit 
  • Learn how to run social media without it running you
  • Design a long term marketing strategy 

marketing 101

retreat outline / 

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  • Enjoy a guest speaker specializing in indoor family and newborn photography
  • Learn how to use light and emotion to create dream worthy photos indoors
  • Leave with a beautiful portfolio of images to help you attract your ideal client

indoor styled shoot

retreat outline / 

view next —

  • Learn how to use locations and lighting to make the art you love
  • Posing tips for authentic, timeless and emotive photos
  • A portfolio filled with images you can recreate over and over again

outdoor styled shoot

retreat outline / 

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  • No, really. This intimate retreat is meant to foster lasting community. Come be filled up and find your people!

friends for life

retreat outline / 

rooting for you, always

Because it can. In just 3 months you can have joy at home and work while booking higher end clients who appreciate you for the art only you can make. 

What are you waiting for?

what if, three months from now, your life could look entirely different?

Are you ready for things to finally change?

I'm in! Sign me up!

authentic support from women just like you


freedom to create out of a place of abundance


to pursue your dreams



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Weekend Retreat
Two nights lodging
All meals included
BONUS: Virtual Profitability + Website Audit before the retreat!

payment plans available



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Weekend Retreat
Lodging on your own
All meals included
BONUS: Virtual Profitability + Website Audit before the retreat!

payment plans available



This retreat is for women who 

- are overwhelmed trying to balance home life and running a business
-want to be profitable without sacrificing family time
-ready to build a sustainable  business from a place of peace
-are weary of hustle culture and craving a weekend of rest and refreshment

How do I know if this retreat is a good fit for me?

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This retreat is NOT for

-beginning photographers wanting to learn manual mode
-people who know what their CODB and are confident in their offers
- people who already have a marketing strategy and portfolio that attracts ideal clients

How do I know if this retreat is a good fit for me?

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So what are you waiting for? Sign-up now and get ready to feel rooted.

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